To Reduce Infections!

  1. Traditional shower air designs and procedures are contributing to the spread of contagious pathogens. (So do whirlpools and air-spa tubs)
  2. Your residents and patients are having incontinent moments during tub baths and showers.
  3. E. coli, C.diff, Norovirus, VRE and almost 60 other pathogens can be found in fecal and urinary waste.
  4. These wastes are not being contained or managed. (Whirlpool and air spa tubs with incontinent residents due to the higher risks of fecal>urethra contact and the difficulty of sanitizing the underside of the tub seat)
  5. Shower chairs, wheel casters, shower floors and the underside of caregivers’ shoes are not being cleaned/ sanitized between showers.
  6. Pathogens are being tracked into hallways and common spaces (and C.diff microbes are given time to spore!), Hence a new insight about why most UTl’s culture out as E. coli, proving fecal oral or fecal a contact
  7. Shower seating needs to: be less like a toilet seat
  8. Have a “no-smear zone” to eliminate fecal debris being deposited on the forward edge, and then wiped by genitalia
  9. Ergonomically designed for hands-on access of peri-areas.

UTI’S (now deemed “non-events” by CMS) add significant expense, but more importantly, a real compromise to quality of life. The sources of these UTI’s are not being identified accurately. Recurring infections are now known to be a major underlying cause of death amongst the elderly.

Ask us to show you the many user-inspired innovations we have created to address all of these issues.

Better yet, dare us to prove these innovations reduce UTI’s dramatically! The ROI is stunning.

Storm Shower Chairs – Infection Control Made Easy


The only Shower Chair Guaranteed to Lower the Number of Bathing Related Urinary Tract Infections.


Because the best way to prevent an infection is to keep the infection from ever getting there in the first place. There is a model for every patients’ need.


  • Patented front & back split seat design allows for easy cleaning of the perineal area without the risk of patient self-contamination & cross-contamination.
  • Allows a patient’s soiled brief to be changed while sitting, reducing the risk of falls and UTI’s. Finally!
Isaiah 55:6-7

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