Baby/ Child Tagging System

We know that ensuring the security of your patients, visitors, staff and assets is vital in creating an ideal environment of care at your healthcare facility. We offer a wide range of best-in-class, active RFID technology for our hospital solutions which include our: KinderGUARD® infant security systems Wireless MatchMAKER® ID mother-baby matching Door GUARDIAN™ wandering patient systems  These systems can be configured to create an enterprise-wide solution to help your healthcare facility achieve patient safety, staff security, and other operational goals. We can work with you and your team to create a customized stand-alone system to meet the needs of a specific department such as a NICU, maternity ward, labor and delivery, or memory-care unit. The ENVisionIT® solutions for healthcare are scalable allowing configuration with existing and future systems such as nurse call, CCTV, pagers and smart mobile devices permitting your solution to grow with the future needs of your healthcare facility.

KinderGUARD® Infant Security System Features:

Our infant security system acts as a personal security guard for each baby or child wearing one of our active RFID transmitters. Hundreds of facilities worldwide have recognized the value in installing KinderGUARD® infant security systems.Preventing an infant abduction from occurring at your facility protects the families of infants who rely on you for their healthcare needs and the reputation of your hospital and staff. Our KinderGUARD® infant security system is cost effective, easy to use, easy to install, robust, and dependable.

Industry leading mother baby matching technology – MatchMAKER® ID “Shaped” zones of protection around doors to minimize false alarms. Active transmitter (not passive) with System Transmitter Active Test technology Automatic transmitter enrollment upon activation Reusable transmitters Tamper-proof, medical-grade, washable straps with cutband technology Comfort designed baby and child tagging devices (can be used when bathing infants) Our transmitter is ultrasonically sealed against water, urine, and meconium. Easy-to-use software Reliable non-PC dependent, battery backed security system Virtual environment supported Support when you need it 24-hours/day; 7 days/week; 365 days/year Low battery detection Comprehensive on-site, hands-on training.

Protect your hospital’s littlest patients with KinderGUARD®. Our infant security system acts as a personal security guard for each baby or child wearing one of our active RFID transmitters. Hundreds of facilities worldwide have recognized the value in installing KinderGUARD® infant security systems to protect the precious loved ones being cared for in their maternity wards, labor and delivery units, nurseries, neonatal intensive care units (NICU), and pediatric departments.

The Wireless MatchMAKER® ID mother-baby matching system can help you protect them.

Add value to your KinderGUARD® infant security system with Secure Care’s Wireless MatchMAKER® ID. This wireless mother-baby matching system uses the same KinderGUARD transmitter and provides nursing staff with an effective, silent, and discreet way to match each mother with her baby. There are no embarrassing alarms or sounds, just a simple and easy-to-view LED indicator on the MatchMAKER® ID panel located directly outside the mother’s door. When a staff member approaches a mother’s room with an infant, one glance will give them all the reassurance they need to know that they have the correct newborn.

The MatchMaker® Advantage:

  • No embarrassing alarms or sounds
  • Discreet matching before entering the mother’s room instead of directly in front of the mother and family
  • Simple and easy to view light display indicating “Match” or “No Match”
  • No additional transmitters required and no wait period to reuse your system (some other systems that utilize a transmitter worn by the mother require a 1-hour wait period before the mother’s transmitter can be reused adding complexity for staff in transmitter management)
  • Capable of supporting multiple births as well as semi-private rooms with multiple beds
  • Maintains parents’ confidence in staff and patient satisfaction scores
  • Reports back to Secure Care software all matches and mismatches (optional) for future reporting Syncs with Secure Care Software to automatically reset the Wireless MatchMAKER® ID panel when an infant is discharged

Preserve the reputation of your facility and staff by preventing embarrassing mismatches from taking place directly in front of the mother and other family members, prevent your newborns from unnecessary testing due to potential HIV exposure in breastfeeding by the wrong mother and maintain your patients’ confidence in their care providers and your patient satisfaction scores.

mVision Mobile Application

mVision™ by Secure Care Products allows users to receive and acknowledge notifications on mobile devices about their Door GUARDIAN™ wander prevention, or KinderGUARD® infant security system. mVision offers several key benefits:

Real Time Notifications

With mVision, you can receive vital information about alarms and alerts directly on your mobile device. Messages are sent to mobile devices as soon as the event happens. Staff can be anywhere in the facility as long as they are connected to the wireless network.

User Defined Customization

  • Some options for customization include:
  • What alarms/alerts you want to be sent to mobile devices (cutband, delayed egress, etc.)
  • What information is displayed when an event happens
  • Escalation: (who gets alarms/alerts if the event is not cleared in a user chosen time period)
  • We offer a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution, staff can choose which device they want to use (Apple or Android)
  • Sounds (customize sound of alerts and alarms)

Audit Trail Visibility

Staff can “Acknowledge” the event and assign themselves as the main point of contact for each event. Acknowledgement details are viewable during and after event allowing security and management personnel to have a better understanding of who was involved.

User Friendly Interface

mVision Mobile App convenient menus and filters to help you find events including: Active vs. Cleared, Alarm vs. Alert and Acknowledged vs. To Be Acknowledged. Customize sounds in the settings menu.

Software has easy to follow menus and instructions for set up and add ons. You can quickly add new users, set passwords and create groups of users to assign specific notifications making it easier to manage staff notifications. It is easy to add new alarm/alert notifications after initial system configuration. You also have the ability to customize sounds in the settings menu.

Future Integrations:

VoIP (WiFi) wireless phones including Ascom, Cisco, Spectralink and others in the future.

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