Joint Commission’s Search for Best Practices in Reducing Infections


Noting new US Department of Health and Human Services data:


  • 1.6 to 3.8 million infections occur annually in LTC facilities. (440-1040 per day)
  • Infections lead to 380,000 additional deaths annually among Nursing Home/Skilled Nursing Unit residents. That is over 1000 people per day!

The associated costs, high as they are, must never overshadow the physical conseguences to those infected, and the emotional toll on families, friends, and staff.


It is time to discover that there are overlooked infection transmission sources! Two in particular: wheelchair wheels and bathing/ showering procedures.


Discover two new innovative products that have a great impact on reducing infections.


Hickory Technologies is the source of supply for the Hand De-Fender and Lou Lou Shower System. Call us today for an on-site demonstration.






National Action Plan to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections: Roadmap to Elimination


Organizational Structure of the HHS Initiative for the Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections



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