Cost of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)


CDC has said that when all of the “cost centers” are included, the average cost of a UTI is $1200. Perhaps you can quantify it for yourself.


Cost centers that need to be considered:


  • Cost of the meds … and sometimes the more expensive ones are needed
  • Documentation time … value of the additional Nursing and Dietary time
  • Related consequences, such as falls triggered by disorientation, the injuries, local exam time, x-rays, and documentation
  • Ambulance for an acute-care discharge, and return transportation
  • Unpaid bed-holds up to 10 days
  • Co-morbidities that result in Hospital re-admission

Then, the intangibles:


  • Public perception, reputation, staff morale, and census are adversely impacted.
  • Compromised quality-of-life
  • Complications which can lead to death
  • Family issues and their subsequent negative speaking in the community
  • Negative postings on websites and social media
  • Visits from the State Health Department or Ombudsman or Attorneys
  • Star Ratings and CMS reimbursement impacted by these reportable statistics


CDC’s $1200-per-UTI may be high for some UTIs…but low for others.


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